Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yes, I do blame W.

Obama kept us from slipping into a worse depression than the 1930's but Republicans keep blaming our economy on him. They want make Obama and Democrats look like whiners for blaming it on Bush. HELLO??? Are we whiners for blaming the tides on the moon or sunburn on spending too much time outside without sunscreen?

  • Massive irresponsible tax cuts for the richest 2%
  • Which were not rescinded after the worst terrorist attack in history
  • Which was used as an excuse for a massive, unprovoked invasion of a country totally unresponsible for those attacks
  • Which raised the deficit and the debt even though it was paid for off the books
  • Which put Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid in jeopardy
  • Which we ARE "entitled" to because WE pay for it through payroll deductions
  • MEANWHILE gross negligence and probably collusion in the name of ideological deregulation allowed massive speculation and misleading and unethical practices in the financial and mortgage sectors.
WHADDYA MEAN this is all Obama's fault? How can you possibly NOT recognize that it was the fault of George W Bush's policies and his administration?

Am I frustrated with Obama's not being able to bring about ALL the change and hope he inspired in the last election? A little, until I remember the deliberate, overt, and coordinated efforts at obstruction by Republicans. Senate Majority Leader McConnell and Rush Limbaugh made no secret that the primary goal of the right was to block the President and make him fail. Too bad that that effects ALL of us, the entire nation. How is it that this kind of choosing party over the "general welfare" and "more perfect union" not considered treasonous? 

Worst of all is how they accuse Obama of being negative and divisive when that's been THEIR propaganda strategy since at least 1988! Every time he bent over backwards, capitulated and genuflected to try to find consensus- Speaker Boehner and the radical Congeress refused to budge, instead claiming that compromise was weak and immoral.

Even if I didn't agree with, appreciate, or appreciate what President Obama's policies, accomplishments, and objectives- I'd admire him just for putting up with them.