About Ted's Blog

Pull up a seat and have a cup of something warm. Don't be afraid to talk about sex, politics, and religion- just not necessarily in that order.

Back in 2002 I was writing a weekly political/humor column for our hometown paper. I started this blog as a repository for those columns. I soon became addicted to what was then a new thing, "blogging." As you can see by the menu on the right-hand side, it's had a lot of spin-offs.
At about the time of the 2008 elections I gave up the column. Sex, politics, and religion all seemed to finally become too hot to talk about in rural Western Iowa. In spite of my best efforts to sell my wares to a broader audience, the market for columnists and cartoonists was shrinking even before the economy crashed, so I've kept my day job as a high school teacher.

Basically this blog now has gradually been taken over by my painting and photography, although I end up posting more pictures on facebook.
I still do a great deal of writing, but it ends up being on my religious blog, http://malloryprayer.blogspot.com.
I seem to do less and less cartooning, and when I do manage to, I post it at http://tedstoons.blogspot.com.
Meanwhile, I hold onto this "flagship" blog, if only as an archive of those old columns. I hope you will browse around and find something that will either make you laugh or think, or maybe even both.

"Look up, not down- Look out, not in-
Look forward, not backward- and lend a hand." ~Teddy Roosevelt