Artist's statement

⊕ Art is for everyone.

⊕ I believe that everyone can be an artist; and every one's life is a work of art. Art is a way to explore your own uniqueness and individuality, and to help you discover and respect the uniqueness of others; 

⊕ In this day and age where digital imaging and the internet have so dramatically democratized photography and writing in particular, art should stimulate us all to use creativity for the enrichment and well being of our community, both virtual and actual.

⊕ Art helps us feel like part of our world- by working it into our being with our eyes and minds and hands. Art can be incredibly therapeutic too, for both artist and viewer.

⊕ I feel that part of the role of an artist in the post-modern, post-literate, post-internet world, is to help others to look at things differently than they normally would. It's not a matter of "isms" anymore, there is no one school or style that dominates anymore. All artists constantly call upon a variety of periods in art history.

⊕ And digital manipulation of imagery is just one more tool, like paints or pencils or charcoal. In fact, I try to use a variety of media interchangeably.  I enjoy macro photography and cartooning, but I also like  compositing and collaging in Photoshop, as well as painting, drawing and occasionally sculpting too.

⊕ While I majored in Art in college, not English, obviously this blog contains a lot of essay writing. I believe that both poetry and prose writing have been democratized to a great degree by the internet as well. I enjoy writing free-verse poetry to compliment some of my images, so you will find a lot of it here. I apologize that I don't know much about form or meter, but again, perhaps a little chaos is inevitable in the post-modern milieu.

⊕ I hope that you'll skim through the years of work that I have posted here and find something that you'll find meaningful, evocative, cathartic, or even inspirational. Thank you for visiting.