Saturday, February 19, 2011

Support Our Public Servants

Under international law, all workers have a human right to organize and to bargain collectively. These rights are delineated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights among many other documents and conventions.

It's not just about having to pay more for benefits and pensions or receiving less in salary. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker wants to dismantle the leverage that workers have to balance out political interests.

Dear conservative friends, this is not fair, and it's not about balancing his state's budget, it's cynically taking advantage of hard times to bludgeon who he see's as political enemies. Please, please, can't you see this?

Teachers, Firemen, and Policemen are not selfish anti-American conspirators. They're willing to negotiate and make sacrifices for the budget, but they're standing up for what used to be something that helped build the middle-class.

Why is it that we're trying to take away workers' voices, yet the Roberts Court granted corporations Constitutional rights as individuals under the 'Citizens United' decision? Why is it we're so afraid of labor unions, but political action committees and multinational corporations get protected?

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