Saturday, September 10, 2011

The prairie is a comfy bed

The rolling hills and prairie is a comfy bed that I don't want to climb out of
The sky is a crisp, clean, light blue linen
 with puffy white cloud pillows
Fields of beans are pulled up snug like a green and yellow quilt
 and the corn that's almost ready to harvest reminds me of a crocheted throw on top of that
 each are accented with tassels of red, white, and silver barns and bins
 and occasional deep green embroidery of trees
The September sun fills the room with tranquil joy
 while the gentle breeze billows the curtains and and quietly rattles the window screens
 bringing in the familiar scents of that brief moment between Summer and Fall
I think I might go pick you some sunflowers from the edge of the road,
 but this place is so perfect
 so inviting
 so comforting
 I think I might just stay here and soak it in a little longer.

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