Sunday, May 04, 2014

Stupid Raven

I know that my Redeemer lives
Be that as it may,
There's still this
Black bird
Rapping on my chamber door
Incessantly reminding me
Of my loss

Grief is like an earthquake
At least mine has been
I knew it was likely to come
I thoughti'd prepared
Yet when it arrived I was still 
Shocked & overwhelmed

What's worse
Are the aftershocks
Never knowing when they'll come
Or how frequently
Or how hard each will be
Or how long they'll each last

I know you're better off
And in our Savior's arms
But you're not in my arms anymore
And I'm not in yours

I'm supposed to beon your shoulders 
In the sun
Or slung over your shoulder
Asleep, too tired& too young
Depending on your stamina and strength land patience

But this fucking raven keeps visiting me
In my chamber
"No more, never more!"
Shut up

Stupid bird
Stupid melancholy
Stupid pain

Let me go

Rain, rain, go away
Comeback again some other day
Maybe someday when it's easier to ignore you,
Work through you
See past you

Today, you're all I know

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