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Sample some of my writing

Here is a collection of things I've written that I've posted on
GoodReads is a sort of a social networking sight for readers. You can write book reviews, join reading groups and discuss your favorite authors. I really recommend it to anyone who loves reading or writing.

Max Nix (Poetry)
description: Years and years of bad free-flow-of-consciousness poetry. No meter, no rhyme, no reason.

These are drippings from as long ago as twenty years ago and as recent as days ago. I don't claim to be a very good poet, but sometimes words can do what even drawing, painting, and photography can't. Here is my humble offering. Maybe you can relate to some of them.

chapter 1: Where am I going? (added 03/12/09 )
chapter 2: Your escape (added 03/12/09 )
chapter 3: My Grandpa's Farm (added 03/12/09 )
chapter 4: 3,000 feet over Prescott (added 03/12/09 )
chapter 5: Loveland (added 03/12/09 )
chapter 6: Being told to shut-up (added 03/12/09 )
chapter 7: Metapoem (added 03/12/09 )
chapter 8: Who I see in you (added 03/12/09 )
chapter 9: Potter to the pot about the wheel (added 03/12/09 )
chapter 10: Grey hair (added 03/12/09 )
chapter 11: Run aground (added 03/12/09 )
chapter 12: Unrealistic expectations (added 03/12/09 )
chapter 13: The last day of November, 1993 (added 03/12/09 )
chapter 14: Tell zombies goodbye (added 03/12/09 )
chapter 15: I wish I had known you (added 03/12/09 )
chapter 16: False start (added 03/12/09 )

Pappa Bear (Sports)
description: How a nonathletic, middle-aged, heterosexual male became a middle school/high school cheerleading coach and the lessons it taught him about life, teamwork, confidence and fatherhood.

Once upon a time I thought about using a blog as a jumping off point for eventually writing a book about being a male cheer coach. Never have seemed to find the time or the self-discipline. But at least one journalist told me that they thought I'd make a good feature story because there are so few male cheer coaches and that maybe I should consider writing a book about it someday. Not much to it yet, but here's a start.
You can see pictures of my squads at

chapter 1: I was a teenage werewolf (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 2: Don't look down (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 3: Thanks, I needed that (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 4: Loud and Proud (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 5: Purpose Driven Cheerleading (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 6: A funny thing happened on the way to the game (added 03/11/09 )

Ted's Column (Humor)
description: Self effacing humor and common sense from the pages of a small town newspaper.

'Ted's Column' has appeared weekly in the Charter Oak-Ute NEWSpaper since 2002, and then in the Schleswig Leader and the Mapleton PRESS, a regional paper serving several communities in western Iowa.

I wrote about all sorts of things but always tried to infuse the column with humor. My motto was "Sex, Politics, and Religion; not necessarily in that order."

I went on an indefinite hiatus late in 2008, but continue blogging right here!

chapter 1: What the snow-blower taught me. (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 2: Murphy's Law & Order (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 3: The existential angst of an ameture editorial cartoonist (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 4: The first Thanksgiving football game (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 5: Labor Day is a lot of work (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 6: Corny Concerto (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 7: Obscure holiday leaving you a basket case? (added 03/12/09 )

Me ka pule; Pirate prayers and prophecies (Religion & Spirituality)
description: Bible studies, devotions, prayers, and essays on God, faith and spirituality. A former church youth counselor and Bible study leader writes about how God can become real in your everyday life. You can read more religious commentary, at

chapter 1: Fruit of the Spirit; You reap what you sow (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 2: Fruit of the Spirit: Pray for good fruit (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 3: Fruit of the Spirit: Bad fruit and sour grapes (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 4: Fruit of the Spirit; Don't be a scurvey dog (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 5: Fruit of the Spirit; Praise and criticism (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 6: Armor of God; Lighter is stronger, alloy composites (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 7: Armor of God; Spiritual warfare (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 8: Armor of God; Belt of truth (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 9: Armor of God; Breastplate of Righteousness (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 10: Armor of God; Shoes of readiness to share the Gospel of Peace (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 11: Armor of God; The Sheild of Faith (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 12: Beattitudes; Peace Out! (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 13: Beattitudes; Are you salty & luminous? (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 14: Beatittudes; Revolutionary (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 15: Beattitudes; 8 ways to be blessed (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 16: Lord’s Prayer; In our own words (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 17: Lord's Prayer; Praying the Lord's Prayer for someone else (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 18: Prayer of Jabez; Bless us indeed (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 19: Prayer of Jabez; How to Bless Your Neighbors Through Prayer (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 20: Prayer of Jabez; Enlarge my territory (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 21: Prayer of Jabez ; that your hand would be with me (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 22: Prayer of Jabez ; keep me from evil (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 23: Fruit of the spirit; True Love (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 24: Fruit of the Spirit; Joy (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 25: So, what does God want from me anyway? (added 03/13/09 )
chapter 26: Why I'm a priest but not a pastor (added 03/13/09 )

Politics & Religion (Religion & Spirituality)
description: Thomas Jefferson once said, "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just." I feel like Christianity has been Shanghaied by people who say they love Jesus, but act more like disciples of Machiavelli.

So, like Luther posted his 95 Theses on the church door in order to incite critical thinking and provoke discussion and debate about the hypocrisies of the church in his time- I started posting things here that may challenge Christians to question their motivations and positions on things in our society and politics.

I don't mean to undermine anyone's faith or to promote heresy, but when I read Jesus' Words, especially in Matthew 5 and Luke 6, I see something radically different than what televangelists, radio prophets and Republican politicians espousing. Scurvy, bilge-sucking, sons of biscuit-eaters!

This all makes me feel like a mutant, a freak, and an outcast. Conservative Christians fear for my eternal salvation whereas secular liberals see me as part of the problem and not the solution. So in the so-called "culture wars" I'm caught in the cross-fire because I think that both sides are wrong and neither side wants to hear it.

Most of these were either columns or posts on this blog, but you can read my prayers, devotions, and religions rants on

chapter 1: What the Fourth is for (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 2: Middle East untangled (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 3: History repeating (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 4: Why Republicans should be proud to be liberal (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 5: Be thankful you didn't live in the past (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 6: Pastor Marty (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 7: Raiders of the lost R's (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 8: Christian Nation? (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 9: Crass comment cuts off debate (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 10: Need for non-profit prophets (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 11: Don't be afraid to just knock (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 12: You'll know a tree by it's fruit (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 13: Sermon on the mount (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 14: Discussing "wedge issues" civilly (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 15: What would Jesus email? (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 16: Judas betrays Christ again (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 17: WHat would Jesus talk about? (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 18: Radical Middle (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 19: Birthday present shopping (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 20: The Gospel according to Nashville (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 21: Hell is a Gilligan's Islans marathon (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 22: A conscientious objector in the war on Christmas (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 23: Wrong man for the job (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 24: Sad to be an American? (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 25: Must have touched a nerve (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 26: If I were a Supreme Court Justice (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 27: Son rise (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 28: Attitude of gratitude (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 29: Republican translation (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 30: 'Magic Negro' makes strange bedfellows (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 31: Christian Democrat? Hell yes! (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 32: Veteran of the culture wars suffers PTSD (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 33: Jesus a 'Socialist?' (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 34: Strange fruit and sour grapes (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 35: When will the truth finally set us free? (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 36: Jefferson Portrait (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 37: A problem 30 years in the making (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 38: Gambling with other people's money (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 39: Dog eat dog (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 40: This is our moment (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 41: Romney will be whatever you want him to be (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 42: Too many sides to too many issues (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 43: Wedge issues a problem (added 03/11/09 )
chapter 44: Advice on your 228th Birthday (added 03/12/09 )

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