Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Another example of the politics of fear

NEW scare tactic- Telling Seniors that the Obama health bill will require euthanasia or assisted suicide.

Fred Thompson interviewed James Dau of the AARP. Dau clarified that no one will never be required to consult with doctors about end-of life decisions, living wills and power of attorney. Rather, it allows Medicare to pay for appointments specifically to discuss such issues with your doctor or nurse practitioner.

I found him to be pretty combative with Mr. Dau.

I don't know about you, but I don't want the government to force me to stay on life support anymore than I'd want them to tell me I can't receive care. Besides, private profit making insurance companies already pressure people toward making the cheapest measures, not the best measures. Right?

Thompson says that Seniors should be talking about this stuff with their lawyers, not some nurse or doctor's assistant. Hello? First of all- WWWWwhat!!? Second of all, not everybody is rich enough to have a law firm on retainer, Fred.

But try convincing the church ladies around here that this is just another Republican scare tactic.

I could write a column on it for the Mapleton PRESS, but I'd probably get somebody like Joann Seufurt writing in again about how I shouldn't be teaching our children.

I could post about it on facebook, but sure as day I'll get dozens of right-wingers commenting on my post about how I'm not concerned enough about the sanctity of life.

Jesus raised people from the dead, but first century doctors didn't have feeding tubes and heart monitors to keep people alive when they themselves would just assume fall asleep and not wake up, especially when their in constant, excruciating pain or are terminally ill anyway.

So... the poor, unemployed and underemployed should be denied health care coverage because right-wing radio-heads are trying to convince Senior citizens that Obama is a youth NAZI who wants to eliminate all the old people because their inconvenient?

Help us, Jesus, PLEASE!

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