Thursday, February 12, 2009

Senator Matt McCoy wants to close rural Iowa's schools. Let's say no.

If you haven't seen, Iowa State Senator Matt McCoy (D-Des Moines), is going to introduce legislation that will force all Iowa schools with an enrollment of less than 750 students to consolidate by 2013. That would involve closing a tremendous number of school districts in this state. Not surprisingly, most of these are in the vast rural areas of this state. Apparently Senator McCoy doesn't quite understand who he's prepared to mess with. From what was said on the news today, he's prepared to consolidate all school districts with fewer than 750 students. The list of schools on the block under this plan is available from the Des Moines Register's website:

Senator McCoy represents the 31st district, a 12-square-mile area in south-central Des Moines ( Draw your own conclusions.

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Map showing the schools that Senator McCoy proposes to close and consolidate, as well as the extent of his Senate district,-93.594246&spn=0.178321,0.44632&z=12

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The Des Moines Register had a couple of pieces about this in today's paper. What are they THINKING? Schools are a vital part of the economy of small communities. But more importantly, Iowa's once great reputation for excellence in education was due to it's small schools! Individual attention from teachers, accountability, involvement in more activities and sports, tight knit communities... Need I go on?

Please join this Facebook group, even if you're out of school- even if you're not in or from Iowa. We HAVE to make a stand

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