Thursday, July 15, 2010

Peas and Mustard

Get it right people!
Tuna casserole takes cream of mushroom soup.
Tuna SALAD takes mayo or Miracle Whip.

And while we're at it,
tuna salad has celery,
NOT peas.
If you HAVE to use peas,
use a bag of frozen peas.
Canned peas are for tuna casserole,
not tuna salad.

Get it?
Got it?

As long as I'm on the subject
canned peas are the worst peas
AND the worst canned vegetable,
not that there are any good canned vegetables.

This morning
someone brought fresh snap peas
still in the pod for our snacks
and it is all I can do
not to take them all,
they are SO wonderful

I may have to write
an ode to peas
fresh from the garden
why not?
They've written songs
about homegrown tomatoes

Bottom line;
casseroles are comfort food,
THEY can be soggy

Salads should be light and uplifting,
they should be crisp.

I don't care
what you native Midwesterners think,
Jello and marshmallows
are for desert,
they do not constitute salad

Now that we've got that clear-
Thank you for using
just the right amount
of mustard
in the potato salad

Mustard is for both
color and flavor

But next time
back off a little
on the onions

A good rule of thumb
is to use sweet Vidalias
you don't want the onions
to overpower everything else

Chives are fine
just be careful
how many
and how strong

the onions are really more about texture
than flavor, in potato salad
green onions
are about
color and texture

you could always
try red onions
but that's a whole different color
and then
need to be careful
about how much
and how strong

But definitely don't skimp
on the mustard
sour cream may seem
all fancy schmancy
and sugar is sweet
but nobody wants
their potato salad
too be too sweet
or too schmancy

I really can't overstate
that you really can't
over use
in the
potato salad

But for God's sake
back off of the damn peas
in the tuna salad

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