Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer evening on the porch

What a gift-
to be sitting on the porch
sipping wine
at edge of twilight

Just as the wick of daylight is ready to extinguish
and the fireflies begin to appear
first a sparse few
then more and more
first slowly
then in more rapid succession

Caressed by  the South breeze
Balmy is exactly right
it is like a soothing balm on burns, bites, and abrasions
not dry or harsh or even steady
but soft and buffered with just enough humidity
to not become stickity
calming and intoxicating

Serenaded by doves, wren,  finches and whippoorwill
I wish you were in the chair next to me
sharing a glass of wine

But you are inside, working on 4H projects for the fair
with our oldest daughter
the younger two are in bed
drowned in deep sleep and dreams
after a long day of swimming and sunshine

I wish you were here on the porch with me
enjoying some wine
but how good it feels to have
the most important people in this world
working together
inside our home
while I sit here
watching the rest of the world
fade into obscurity and slumber
on a summer night

Until  cars hum by the corner
and kids set off fireworks down the block
and visitors back out of a mourning widow's drive across the street
and the mosquitoes start to land and climb up my ankles and ears
and my glass of wine is near empty

What a gift it is to come inside
to where the most important people in this world
are wondering where I've been all evening
and how I can be of some help

And the air is drier and calm,
but conditioned and cool
and insect-free
the lights are warm and low and comforting
and somehow you smile at me

What a gift to be here
with the most important people in the world.

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