Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two-Way Highway; above and below, ahead and behind

Coming toward me

to my left and below

is a tractor wind-rowing
the hay in the ditch
beside the road

to my right and above

is a crop duster spraying
the corn in the field
beside the road

Spreading out before me

off into the distance
the lines of the road

to my right

the road signs
get smaller and smaller
and the wall of corn,
high and mighty.
deep green below
and yellow tassels above
get shorter and shorter
closer to town

a cautions doe
peeks her head out
from behind a curtain of green
thinking about
taking a leap of faith
right out in front of me

to my left

the telephone poles
seem to get closer together
further out ahead of me
and shorter and shorter
so that there are some you could
imagine climbing without too much trouble
and even some you could almost
lean against or play leapfrog over
fairly easily

a Swainson's hawk
soars in figure-eights
back and fourth
ahead and behind of me
until it settles on a fence post
for a rest
only to be
and shouted at
by sparrows and starlings

a red-winged black bird
dances against the ocean swells of green soy
and an eastern meadowlark sings

the city is behind me
and the village is ahead

the day is behind me
and the evening is ahead

work is behind me
and home is coming up
just ahead

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